Product Features

Your Personal Workspace for DIY Financial Planning

What is MoneyStack?

MoneyStack is a DIY financial planning app for everyone. Use it instead of spreadsheets to quickly build error-free scenarios and collaborate with your significant other as you plan for big expenses and life-events together. If you get stuck, you can find a vetted financial advisor in our marketplace and invite them into your online workspace to help you.

Collaborate Online

MoneyStack is designed from the ground-up to make it easy and safe to collaborate with other people in your workspace. That makes it easier for you and your significant other (or anyone else for that matter) to get on the same page and build plans together.

Public or Private Worksheets

You build financial plans and “what-if” scenarios in worksheets. Worksheets are private by default. If you want to ask a personal finance question on Reddit or explain an idea in a blog post, you can set your worksheet to be public and embed it in your post.

“Fork” Someone Else’s Worksheet

Inspired by how software developers share code to learn from each other, when you see a public MoneyStack worksheet anywhere on the Web (e.g. blogs, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter), you can “fork” it (a fancy way to say copy) and make it your own. Set your version to ‘private’, plug in your own numbers, and customize the plan for your needs.

Accessible (and actually useful) Everywhere

You can use MoneyStack on the Web and on your smartphone, you can talk to it using Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can chat with it on Facebook Messenger and by SMS/Text. Build a worksheet on the Web and then, “Alexa, ask MoneyStack …” your questions about your “what-if” scenario from your living room - it’s like having a smart money advisor with you everywhere.

Bank-level Security

We’re serious about security. We use state-of-the-art bank-level technology to encrypt and protect your information.

No Intrusive Ads

MoneyStack isn’t cluttered with banner ads and “recommendations” for credit cards like many of our competitors. We may link to partners on the Web to lookup interest rates or other information to enhance your user experience, and we may be compensated by those partners when you click one of those links, but we promise you two things: (1) we will clearly disclose our relationship to the partner, and (2) we won’t share your information with partners without your permission.

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