The Problem We Solve

Money for the bigger things in life

Unexpected vet bills for Coco, a broken-down car, managing the timing of checking account credits vs. debits, how much money to save for your emergency fund or trip to Belize - MoneyStack can help you with all that, and so much more.

When you want to start planning for bigger things (a car, a house) and for future life-events (marriage, a baby or adoption, college tuition, retirement), things get way more complicated and there aren’t that many tools out there to help you. You may have found that your own custom spreadsheet or a pen and paper are the only things that kind of work.

You wonder…

“What if I put money into an ETF instead of my savings account to save for a down payment on my house?”

“What if I buy my car at the end of my lease instead of leasing again for 3 years?”

“What if I sign-up for the HSA plan at work instead of sticking with my PPO plan again this year?”

“What if I borrow money from my 401K to pay off all my credit card debts?”

Maybe you thought of asking your parents or friends for advice. Then you stop yourself because the last thing you need is judgement, strings attached, and your mom’s friend Mrs. Jones knowing your business.

So you consider talking to a real life expert, a professional financial advisor. Then you stop yourself again because you don’t have the time to call the office to make an appointment for a consultation, enter a ton of personal financial information into their gnarly old computer system, and spend precious hours of your life meeting in an office. You don’t even know what all that would cost, but you have a feeling it might get expensive. All you really want is a simple answer to your question.

Enter MoneyStack.

MoneyStack is a DIY financial planning app for everyone. Use it instead of spreadsheets to quickly build error-free scenarios and collaborate with your significant other as you plan for big expenses and life-events together. If you get stuck, you can find a vetted financial advisor in our marketplace and invite them into your online workspace to help you. Read more

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