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MoneyStack lets you build simple financial plans to pay off credit card debt, refinance student loans, save for a down payment on a house, put aside money for a wedding or other big expense, and more.

You begin by asking MoneyStack a question like, "What if I pay off my credit card balances with a 401K loan?". MoneyStack then guides you through a series of questions about your credit card balances and interest rates, your employer's 401K plan and the loan terms, and other relevant factors. Once you've answered the questions, MoneyStack crunches the numbers and shows you how paying off your balances now might affect your income in retirement. Play around with the numbers to see how the calculation results change. Invite your significant other into your online workspace to collaborate with you. If you ever get stuck or have questions, you'd be able to ask one of our vetted financial advisors for help (coming soon).

Couples can use MoneyStack to quickly get on the same page regarding their household finances without having to do any math or know any spreadsheet formulas.

Financial advisors can use MoneyStack to meet new clients, help clients understand "what-ifs", and get paid for providing financial advice to clients online. Are you a financial advisor? Contact us to learn how to join our network of fee-only advisors.

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