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How It Works

Private Online Community - Join GSCV's private online community to access educational resources and to collaborate with housing counselors and other home buyers in Atlanta while you follow an action plan to home ownership.

Housing Counselors - Live chat and meet online with HUD certified housing counselors who work in your best interest to help you improve your credit, save for a down payment, and learn about grants and down payment assistance programs that you may qualify for.

Home Buyers Like You - Ask questions, share experiences, and learn about the home buying process alongside other community members who are current home buyers just like you.

It's FREE! There is no fee to participate in the community. All you need is a mobile phone (iOS or Android) or a personal computer with a Web browser.

Safety and Trust - The community is moderated to make sure that all community members can learn, share, and achieve goals in a safe, fair, and trustworthy online environment.


Improve your Credit

You'll need to have a good credit score to qualify for a mortgage. Share experiences with peers and get advice from counselors as you learn how to increase your score.

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Save for a Down Payment

Learn how to build a budget and track your spending so that you can save up for a down payment and closing costs. Stay on track through the ups and downs with support from peers and counselors.


Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs

Learn about government grants and down payment assistance programs to help you purchase your home.

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About GSCV

Georgia Sustainable Community Ventures (GSCV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and HUD-approved housing counseling agency based in Atlanta, GA, that provides counseling and education for homebuying, homeownership, foreclosure prevention, rental counseling, and financial literacy. GSCV uses customized tools and programs, including online counseling on demand. GSCV has over twenty years of real-world experience in community development​.

GSCV offers programs for Credit Counseling, Homebuyer Preparation, Loss Mitigation, Rental Assistance, Housing Development, Small Business Lending and Social Giving through our GSCV Community Foundation. We encourage sustainability; we call this Being Free!

About MoneyStack

MoneyStack is building the community platform for financial education and advice. Our team is on a mission to make financial advice more accessible to the 99%. We partner with organizations like GSCV to run private online communities and streamline operations with our software.

We're a diverse team based in Pittsburgh, PA, and we work with clients all over the US.

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